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Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful January and February! Here's a summary of what we had to offer to the Tech Comm community in the last two months. In case you, a friend or a colleague missed out on anything useful or important, we hope this will serve as a ready reference.
News of the month
January/February News of the month:
Our early 2014 offerings may not be as numerous as previous months, but we do have a lot of content. Our summary includes two product launch videos (one is 2.5 hours, the other 1.5 hours long.) We also have a large number of product feature videos that focus exclusively on new features in the products we launched in mid-January:
1. Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5
2. Adobe RoboHelp 11
3. Adobe FrameMaker 12
4. Adobe FrameMaker XML Author 12
5. Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server 12
Read our case study on how IBM benefitted by using our Technical Communication Suite.
You can also check out our new, improved Savings Calculator on and calculate more accurately how much you can save by using Adobe FrameMaker software for technical documentation. Making life a little easier for XML authors, we have launched a new website that provides all information about XML authoring through webinars, videos, blogs and an opportunity to interact with fellow authors –
Adobe has partnered with a number of universities across the globe and offered free of cost licenses of Adobe Technical Communication Suite, to the students and teachers in these programs. Read more.
Follow our upcoming calendar closely as we will soon be adding a number of exciting partner sessions to showcase the new functionalities!
Webinar Recordings
January/February Webinar Recordings of the Month:
1. New Product Launch Webinars:
What's New in FrameMaker 12? What's This New Product - Adobe FrameMaker XML Author 12?
What's New in RoboHelp 11 and Technical Communication Suite 5?
Wow! FrameMaker 12 in Just 35 minutes!
Wow! RoboHelp 11 in Just 40 minutes!
2. FrameMaker case study: Building Global Content Collaboration at LSI Corporation
3. Real World Solutions from New RoboHelp 11 Features [4x Series] with Lightext:
RoboHelp 11 Solution #1) HTML5 Responsive Layout
Upcoming Scheduled Webinars:
1. Real World Solutions from New RoboHelp 11 Features [4x Series] with Lightext:
March 12: RoboHelp 11 Solution #2) Cloud-based Topic Sharing
March 20: RoboHelp 11 Solution #3) Branding Corporate Print Documentation
April 2: RoboHelp 11 Solution #4) Integration with eLearning via Captivate 7
2. Technical Communication Suite 5 - Do More than Ever Before - Product Training - Webinar Series [5-part series: APAC timezone]
March 7: Instructional Video for Documentation
March 21: Robohelp 11 – Create Responsive Help Content
April 4: Technical Writing - 101
April 11: Collaboration and Review
3. March 7: FrameMaker 12 Feature Focus 1): Dramatic UI improvements
4. Exploring HTML5 Layout in RoboHelp 11: 2-part Guest Series
March 19: RoboHelp 11 Sess 1) HTML5 Single Source vs. Responsive Layout
March 26: RoboHelp 11 Sess 2) New Layout Editor for Responsive Layout
Live Videos
New Videos on Adobe TV:
Tech Comm Launch Videos January 2014
New Product Launch Feature Videos
1. RoboHelp 11 Features
2. Tech Comm Suite 5 Features
3. FrameMaker XML Author 12 Features
4. FrameMaker Publishing Server 12 Features
5. FrameMaker 12 Features
Individual Product Feature Videos
1. FrameMaker 12: Conditional Text Pod Enhancements
2. FrameMaker 12: Consistent Pod User Interface
3. FrameMaker 12: Expand DitaMap Topics
4. FrameMaker 12: Output via DITA Open Toolkit
5. FrameMaker 12: Shared Authoring via Dropbox
6. FrameMaker 12: MathML Equations in Structured Files
7. FrameMaker 12: MathML Equations in Unstructured Documents
8. FrameMaker 12: Multi-channel Publish to ePub, Kindle, Responsive HTML5
9. FrameMaker 12: Multi-channel Publishing Setup
10. FM12: Multi-channel Publishing Share Settings
11. FrameMaker 12: Open Files Pod
12. FrameMaker 12: Enhanced PDF Review Cycle
13. FrameMaker 12: PDF Review from Mobile Devices
14. FrameMaker 12: Generate QR codes
15. FrameMaker 12: Quick XML Element Toolbar
16. FrameMaker 12: Regular Expressions Find/Change Dates, Currency etc.
17. FrameMaker 12 Simplified Conditional Expression Builder
18. FrameMaker 12: Single Click Restore Multi-File Session
19. FrameMaker 12: Smart Catalog Enhancements
20. FrameMaker 12: Control Icon Appearance/Readability
21. FrameMaker 12: Boxed Text with Colored Backgrounds
22. FrameMaker 12: New Templates Part 1 = Complete documents
23. FrameMaker 12: New Templates Part 2 = Paras, Tables & Object Styles for you
24. FrameMaker 12: New Templates Part 3 = Content Optimized for On-Line formats
25. FrameMaker Publishing Server 12: Automated Publishing Delivered Remotely
26. FrameMaker Publishing Server 12: PDF Pre-sets and Templates
27. FrameMaker Publishing Server 12: New UI and CMS Integration
28. FrameMaker 12 XML Author: Smart Paste
29. FrameMaker 12 XML Author: Authoring w/o Structure View
30. FrameMaker 12 XML Author: Workflow Overview
31. FrameMaker 12 XML Author: Product Feature Overview
32. TCS5: Launch Captivate from FM12, Create SW SIM & Publish to Responsive Layout
33. Tech Comm Suite 5: Overall Workflow
34. TCS5: eLearning Content Integration
35. TCS5: FrameMaker 12 Integration with Photoshop and Illustrator
36. TCS5: FrameMaker 12 and RoboHelp 11 Integration
37. RoboHelp 11: New Icon Driven Layout Editor
38. RoboHelp 11: Explore Responsive Layout
39. RoboHelp 11: New Self-Documented Sample Projects
40. RoboHelp 11: Compatibility with Captivate 7
41. RoboHelp 11: Customize Headers & Footers for Print Output
42. RoboHelp 11: Collaboration and Topic Sharing in the Cloud
43. RoboHelp 11: Responsive HTML5 Layout Editor
44. RoboHelp 11: Single Click Responsive Layout- based HTML5 Output
45. RoboHelp 11's "Liquid Layout" solution flows to all channels
46. Who loves Adobe Tech Comm Suite 5?
47. FrameMaker XML Author 12 Overview
48. FrameMaker Publishing Server 12 Overview
49. Busting FrameMaker Myths
Blogs of the month
January/February Blogs of the Month
1. Productopedia: Tech Comm Suite 5, FrameMaker 12, RoboHelp 11
2. RoboHelp 11 is here!
3. Consolidated list of Adobe Tech Comm Product Reviews
4. Technical Communication Suite 5 is here!
5. FrameMaker 12 is here!
6. Technical Communication Suite 5: Month-to-Month Subscription Discontinued, Only Annual Subscription Plan Available
7. Fix released for RoboHelp 10 Output Issues Related to Internet Explorer 11
8. Fix for Importing Previous Version ISF Files in RoboHelp 11
9. Introducing FrameMaker XML Author
10. FrameMaker 12, FrameMaker XML Author 12 Recorded Webinar TV Guide
11. Introducing the New Single Click Responsive Layout-based HTML5 Publishing
12. RoboHelp 11 and Tech Comm Suite 5 Recorded Webinar TV Guide
13. FM 12.0.1 Update Released
14. Introducing Native Multi-device Publishing in FM12 (Part 1)
15. Exciting New Templates for FrameMaker 12
White Papers
Latest Whitepapers from Adobe Tech Comm
1. "Reducing Translation and Publishing Costs" by Maxwell Hoffmann
2. "The Hitchhikers Guide to XML Authoring" by Chris Despopoulos
3. "FrameMaker 12 vs. Word 2012 – For Technical Documentation" by Maxwell Hoffmann
4. "FrameMaker 12 vs. InDesign CS6 – For Technical Documentation" by Maxwell Hoffmann
5. "Database Publishing with Adobe FrameMaker" by Tammy Halter
6. "Ten Reasons to Structure Your Content" by Scott P. Abel and Emma C. Hamer
7. "The Changing Nature of Content" by Ellis Pratt
8. "Towards an Agile Authoring Methodology" by Ellis Pratt
9. "Changing Paradigms in Technology and Communication" by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo
10. "Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries" by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo
11. "Separation of Content and Form" by Tony Self
We hope you have a fun and exciting March!
Team TechComm @ Adobe

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