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Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful May! Here's a summary of what we had to offer to the TechComm community in the last month. In case you, a friend or a colleague missed out on anything useful or important, we hope this will serve as a ready reference.
News of the month
May News of the Month:
Follow our upcoming calendar closely as we will soon be adding a number of new webinars for introductory training on FrameMaker 12, RoboHelp 11 and other products.

Adobe has been active at several conferences in the recent weeks. Adobe TechComm was the highest level sponsor for STC Spectrum in Rochester, NY in April, the longest running STC regional gathering which has been held for over 50 years.

In early May, Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann represented Adobe in his home base of Portland, Oregon, as a featured speaker at the innovative ‘WriteTheDocs’ conference. You may view a recording of the presentations made by all the speakers including Maxwell Hoffmann at this link: NA 2014 (Note: this conference is scheduled to be held in Berlin in July, click here for the details; we highly recommend it!) This was followed by several remote presentations to various STC chapters, as well as a Product Evangelist live presentation at the local Williamette Valley STC chapter.

In May, Adobe TechComm kicked off STC Summit in Phoenix with a half-day "Adobe Day" thought leadership event featuring Kapil Verma, Bernard Aschwanden, Marcia Riefer Johnston, Matt Sullivan, Kevin Siegel and Joe Welinske. You may view a photo album of this event on our Facebook page!

Adobe was the diamond sponsor of STC Summit in Phoenix, where the product line was presented by by Vikram Verma, Kapil Verma, Kevin Siegel, Matt Sullivan and Maxwell Hoffmann. We observed a noticeable growth in the number of young attendees at the Summit and a huge increase in the overall number of attendees and booth traffic.
Webinar Recordings
May Webinar Recordings of the Month:
What "Model" DITA Specializations Can Teach Us about Information Modeling

Guest: Don Day
MathML is XML; Structured Math Authoring for FrameMaker 12

Guest: Autumn Ceullar of Design Science
FrameMaker 12 Feature Focus 5): Customizing Published Output to On-Line Formats
RoboHelp 11: Stacking the Deck and Using the Cloak of Invisibility

Guest: Rick Stone
A New View of FrameMaker 12: "My Student’s Favorite Features"

Guest: Barb Binder of Rocky Mountain Training
Get Management Onboard: Retrofitting Existing Content Using RoboHelp

Guest: Tanner Corporate Services
RoboHelp 11 Feature Focus: DHTML for Sizzling Effects
FrameMaker 12: Shortcuts to Success
RoboHelp Shortcuts to Success
RoboHelp 11 Feature Focus: Import Captivate HTML5 Videos
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to XML Authoring, Part 1

Guest: Chris Despopoulos [recording includes sample files to download]
Two Manuals: FrameMaker Single-sourcing Saved $16K & Cut Translation Time by 50%

Guest Marcia Riefer Johnston
What "Model" DITA Specializations Can Teach Us About Information Modeling

Demo-free, deep-dive session with Don Day of Contelligence Group
Upcoming Scheduled Webinars:
June 20: Recording Webcam Video for TechComm

Guest: Matt Sullivan
4x Series: Tech Challenges: Surfing and Diving Deep
Guests: Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo
July 10: Sess 1) Internet of Things: Luxury for the Rich or Sustainable Equity for All?
Sept 24: Sess 2) Digital Reality: Escape to a Virtual World or Explore an Augmented Culture?
Oct 31: Sess 3) Human Bionics: More Freedom or Electronic Slavery?
Dec 4: Sess 4) Digital Learning: Individual Adaptive Construction or Connected Social Interaction?
2x series: Strategies for Success with RoboHelp 11 Projects
Guests: Tanner Services Corporation
July 24: Sess 1) I Didn’t Know RoboHelp Could Do That!
Aug 21: Sess 2) Clear Thinking is Crucial
Check our Webinar Calendar soon for:
Our upcoming "Summer School" series on FrameMaker 12, FrameMaker XML Author 12 and RoboHelp 11
Upcoming series of new webinars on FrameMaker Publishing Server and RoboHelp Server
Live Videos
New Videos on AdobeTV:
1. FrameMaker 12: Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts
2. FrameMaker 12: New "Wizard" to Create Conditional Text Expressions
3. FrameMaker 12: 5x Advanced Table Tricks
4. FrameMaker 12: Map Page Layout to First Paragraph Style
5. FMXA 12: Quick Element Toolbar for Multi-level Lists
6. RoboHelp 11: Keyboard Shortcuts for Inserting Objects
7. RoboHelp Search: Increase Rankings with Keywords in H1 Headings
8. RoboHelp Search: Setting Search as Default Tab
9. RoboHelp Search: Increase Ranking with Keywords in Topic Properties
10. RoboHelp 11: Reset Properties/Components in Layout Editor
11. RoboHelp 11: Importing and Exporting Customized Responsive Layouts
12. RoboHelp 11: Responsive Layout Editor, Adding Logos
Blogs of the month
May Blogs of the Month
1. FrameMaker 12 Feature Focus 5) Productivity Enhancements
2. MathML is XML; Structured Math Authoring for FrameMaker 12
3. Adobe TechComm Products Continue to be Available via CLP/TLP
4. Beyond HTML: The “Rest” of RoboHelp 11
5. RoboHelp 11: Triggers and Targets – Leading the User to the Sweet Spot
6. Get Management Onboard: Retrofitting Existing Content using RoboHelp
7. Prepare for Year 2020 with Adobe Day May 18 at STC/Phoenix
8. RoboHelp 11.0.1 Update Released !
9. Important FrameMaker Update 12.0.2 Released
10. FrameMaker Shortcuts to Success
11. Gaining Advanced Control over Search Results in RoboHelp Projects
12. RoboHelp 11 Feature Focus: Import Captivate HTML5 Videos
13. High Octane Documents: Don Day's DITA model webinar review
White Papers
Latest Whitepapers from Adobe TechComm
1. "Reducing Translation and Publishing Costs" by Maxwell Hoffmann
2. "The Hitchhikers Guide to XML Authoring" by Chris Despopoulos
3. "FrameMaker 12 vs. Word 2012 – For Technical Documentation" by Maxwell Hoffmann
4. "FrameMaker 12 vs. InDesign CS6 – For Technical Documentation" by Maxwell Hoffmann
5. "Database Publishing with Adobe FrameMaker" by Tammy Halter
6. "Ten Reasons to Structure Your Content" by Scott P. Abel and Emma C. Hamer
7. "The Changing Nature of Content" by Ellis Pratt
8. "Towards an Agile Authoring Methodology" by Ellis Pratt
9. "Changing Paradigms in Technology and Communication" by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo
10. "Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries" by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo
11. "Separation of Content and Form" by Tony Self
We hope you have a fun and exciting June!
Team TechComm @ Adobe

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