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  1. Introducing 2015 release of FrameMaker !
  2. Product Launch: Brand new RoboHelp (2015 Release) and Tech Comm Suite (2015 Release)
  3. Productopedia 2015 Adobe Tech Comm Product Release
  1. Beyond PDF - Move to Smaller Screens with Adobe FrameMaker 12 by Maxwell Hoffmann
  2. "Reducing Translation and Publishing Costs" by Maxwell Hoffmann
  3. "The Hitchhikers Guide to XML Authoring" by Chris Despopoulos
  4. "FrameMaker 12 vs. Word 2012 - For Technical Documentation" by Maxwell Hoffmann
  5. "FrameMaker 12 vs. InDesign CS6 - For Technical Documentation" by Maxwell Hoffmann
  6. "Database Publishing with Adobe FrameMaker" by Tammy Halter
  7. "Ten Reasons to Structure Your Content" by Scott P. Abel and Emma C. Hamer
  8. "The Changing Nature of Content" by Ellis Pratt
  9. "Towards an Agile Authoring Methodology" by Ellis Pratt
  10. "Changing Paradigms in Technology and Communication" by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo
  11. "Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries" by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo
  12. "Separation of Content and Form" by Tony Self