Reminder: New Calendar and Recorded Webinar Site

Adobe has created a new site for both registering for webinars, and also for viewing the recordings at a later time. You will discover that registration for webinars is a quick and easy process.

One of the biggest benefits, is that the URL for a particular event remains persistent, and becomes the URL for viewing the recorded webinar after the event! No more "stale" URL links in Twitter, when you read a tweet a few days after a webinar has been held.

This will take a bit of getting used to:

  • You must click on the [Learn More] button adjacent to a recording title in order to read the description
  • On the description page, you will click on the [Register] button near the bottom of the page
  • A "confirmation" page will appear, with the recording title at the top as a hyperlink (see illustration below)
  • Once you have clicked on the hyperlinked title, you will be taken to a page that looks like the original description page. Click on the [Watch Now] button indicated in yellow highlight below. That’s all there is too it!

Here are the new URLs for viewing all of our upcoming events, and also for viewing a list of our previously recorded webinars/seminars:

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a search feature on the list of recorded webinars. In order to help you, we have created a blog with lists all of our previously recorded webinars, followed by the new URL you must use to view any of our legacy webinars. The lists have been sorted by product focus.

Click on the following hyperlinked blog title to view the listing of legacy webinar URLs, and to bookmark it:
DIRECTORY of NEW LINKS to Library of Webinar Recordings

REMINDER: FrameMaker Users, re-register for Framers Mailing List (

For years, the framers mailing list has been one of the best “go to” sites for expert advice on FrameMaker. This mailing list is not sponsored or officially supported by Adobe, but it is populated with terrific content from thousands of seasoned (and usually product-agnostic) FrameMaker experts, who share wonderful advice, and who don't hesitate to answer your questions.

Unfortunately, the membership to this mailing list was somehow wiped clean during a recent transition to its new server. We have been advised that anyone who ever belonged to this list needs to register again in order to both post questions and receive answers.

Use the following URL to reregister for the framers mailing list:

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