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Jan 24: Formats don't matter! Set your content free – edit Word documents as DITA in FrameMaker 2015  
Feb 14: Boost your productivity with WS Structure Tools and WS Utilities for FrameMaker  
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Dec 13: Make the move! Migrating unstructured content to DITA with FrameMaker 2015  
Dec 8: Top 5 LMS myths demystified by Adobe LMS  
Dec 7: FrameMaker 2015 & FrameSLT – The most powerful toolkit for structured content on the market  
  Catch up on all the sessions conducted at Adobe DITA World 2016 by the world’s leading Technical Communication, Marketing, DITA, Content Management and Translation Experts. Watch now.  
  FrameMaker demo videos  
  Adobe Solutions Consulting Manager Dustin Vaughn has created five free video courses that will show you everything you need to know to get started with Adobe FrameMaker 2015. Watch now.  
  RoboHelp demo videos  
  Get introduced to Adobe RoboHelp (2015 release) through free video courses created by Adobe TechComm solution consultants Dustin Vaughn and Manminder Singh.
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  TCS integration with Adobe solutions  
  Matt Sullivan shows you how the Technical Communication Suite integrates seamlessly with other Adobe solutions, enhancing your content. Watch the videos here.  
Upcoming events
  TCWorld India 2017  
  The seventh annual TCWorld India conference will take place on February 23–24, 2017 at ITC Gardenia in Bangalore. Don’t miss it if you want to keep pace with global emerging trends and standards in the field of technical communication and translation. Know more.

Knowledge base
  Case study: Schneider Electric  
  See how Schneider Electric Automation GmbH uses Adobe FrameMaker Publishing server to help global teams publish content in various formats to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Know more.  
  Whitepaper: Personalized Dynamic Content  
  See how the 2015 release of Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp make it easy for you to provide end users with Dynamic Content Filters, allowing them to find content most relevant to their role, location, product or other criteria. Know more.  
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