Webinar Overview
OCT 4: The API Economy: Efficiency Through API Management  
OCT 11: RoboHelp 2015 – Part 1: Getting started with ExtendScript  
OCT 18: RoboHelp 2015 – Part 2: Getting started with ExtendScript  
OCT 18: Start authoring on the mobile, for the mobile. No programming required!  
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Don’t Miss This
  The Future of Tech Comm  
  The Adobe Tech Comm Worldwide Survey 2016 received responses from over 1000 content professionals working in over 32 industry verticals across the globe. Attend a 30-minute interactive webinar that studies the findings to identify key trends shaping the future of Tech Comm.  
  Change Primary Layout in the Blank Project Template in RoboHelp  
  Learn how to change the Primary Layout for new projects from the default Responsive HTML5 layout. Know more.  
  FCT TIM ONE and Adobe FrameMaker  
  Learn how TIM ONE, the smart content management system, and Adobe FrameMaker work together to enhance your workflow. Know more.  
Demo Videos
  RoboHelp & RoboHelp Server Essentials  
  Adobe TechComm solution consultants Dustin Vaughn and Manminder Singh have created a series of free video introductory courses that help you get started with Adobe RoboHelp and RoboHelp Server. Know more.  
  The LavaCon Conference – Las Vegas  
  Say hi to the Adobe Tech Comm team there as you choose from 83 sessions and workshops on how to plan, produce, and manage content strategy initiatives. View the website here.  
  Tekom 2016  
  Interact with fellow professionals and industry experts as they discuss content strategies, challenges and demonstrate cutting-edge solutions. Be sure to attend the ‘Adobe & Partners’ event a day before Tekom. View the website here.  
  Probing Our Future  
  Join Adobe and The Transformation Society for an interactive webinar covering the recently conducted workshop at TCUK 2016 on technological developments that are opening up new paths in Tech Comm.  
Case Study
  Case Study: Larcier Group  
  See how a distinguished European publishing company uses Abobe FrameMaker to keep justice professionals up-to-date on law-related content. Know more.  
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