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  JUNE 29, 2017  
  The Age of Accountability – Unifying Marketing and Technical Content with Adobe Experience Manager.
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  MAY 30, 2017  
  Adobe FrameMaker and S1000D Authoring in the Cloud.
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  MAY 16, 2017  
  DON'T PANIC! Understanding XML with FrameMaker made easy. Know more

  MAY 12, 2017  
  Adapt or Die: Modularize content for effective content creation and publishing. Know more  
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Product updates
  Adobe Technical Communication Suite (July 2017 release)  
  Your all-in-one toolkit just got even better with the latest update! Get the latest version of all the industry-leading technical communication tools that help you deliver rich, engaging content experiences across devices. Know more

  Announcing the 2.2 release of XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager  
  With this new milestone release, you can now easily migrate legacy content to DITA! Smoothly convert Word and unstructured FrameMaker content to DITA in seconds with out-of-the-box automated conversion support. Know more

Knowledge base
  Visit the Adobe Tech Comm YouTube channel  
  Get video updates on Tech Comm trends, the latest product developments, promotions and announcements. The channel is also a great destination for learning along with experts as they showcase new features. Subscribe now

  Learn Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release)  
  Firehead is offering a two-day introductory course approved by Adobe that’s designed for new users of Adobe FrameMaker. You’ll learn the theory behind using an authoring tool to organize and publish your content, and receive practical training in how to create ‘nimble’ content that can be re-used in multiple products and viewed across multiple channels. Learn more

  Leading CMSs integrate with Adobe FrameMaker
  Adobe FrameMaker offers out-of-the-box integration with Adobe Experience Manager, Schema, fct, Vasont Systems and more. Get access to a set of APIs that connect your enterprise authoring environment with virtually any CMS to edit complex, multicomponent documents more conveniently. Learn more

  TCTrainNet meets Adobe FrameMaker
(2017 release)
  Starting with the next course in September 2017, all participants in TCTrainNet will have the opportunity to practice on the 2017 release of Adobe FrameMaker. It’s a trainer-guided online training and tekom certification program in technical communication. The curriculum was developed based on over 30 years of experience and expertise of tekom in the field of technical communication. Learn more

  Strategic MarComm and TechComm Integration  
  Channel proliferation, global/local balancing acts, and increasingly informed customers are just some of the challenges marketers and web content strategists face today. In this forest of new changes and demands, there’s a relatively easy win - aligning strategies and leveraging content from technical communication for marketing purposes. Read now  
  Adobe Tech Comm Worldwide Survey 2016  
  The Adobe Tech Comm Worldwide Survey 2016 looks at the changing world of technical content creators and how they are adapting to stay on top of their game. It is based on responses from over 1000 content professionals across geographies ranging from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan. Read now  
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