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May 16: Don’t panic! Understanding XML with FrameMaker made easy. Register now.  
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New from Adobe
  Reviewed: The 2017 release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite  
  User Assistance Evangelist, Joe Welinske did an interactive session about the 2017 release on TechWhirl's Fast 5. Watch now.  
  Now on YouTube: Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release)  
  Learn what’s new in the latest release of
Adobe FrameMaker through a web series covering the entire gamut of features that’ll change the way you work.
Watch now.
  Now on YouTube: Adobe RoboHelp (2017 release)  
  Explore the new HTML5 layouts and predictive autocomplete search functionality, only available in the 2017 release of RoboHelp. Watch now.  
TechComm Central
  Adobe and partners: Vasont Systems certifies Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release)  
  The integration between FrameMaker 2017 and the Vasont CMS provide a smoother editorial process for developing structured content. Know more.  
  One content – many layouts! Automatic Master Page Assignment in Adobe FrameMaker  
  Markus Wiedenmaier, the founder of c-rex.net, explains how one can manage different layouts with the same content. Know more.  
  STC Spectrum 2017  
  Adobe Certified Expert Bernard Aschwanden conducted a session introducing what’s new in the 2017 releases of Adobe Tech Comm tools.  
  STC Conduit  
  Learn more about the 2017 releases of Adobe Tech Comm tools and how they can enhance the way you work in a session with Bernard Aschwanden. Know more.  
Knowledge base
  Whitepaper: Expanding content scope to drive customer information needs  
  See how the new value network in the industry affects the production of corporate marketing and informational content in response to changing customer information needs. Know more.  
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