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How a CCMS enables personalized, consistent, and scalable content experiences
  64% decision makers find it challenging to meet modern demands for content creation, according to a recent Forrester study commissioned by Adobe. The study reveals that traditional content management systems pose significant challenges in delivering consistent and scalable content experiences across customer touchpoints.

This primary research conducted by Forrester explores how a CCMS can help organizations alleviate content challenges, mitigate content-related risks and drive unified and consistent content experiences across channels through efficient structured content management. Join us and Nick Barber, Senior Analyst at Forrester, as we walk you through the key findings of the study.
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How a CCMS enables personalized, consistent, and scalable content experiences
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  Customer Stories  
Tata Consultancy Services transform standard user guides into dynamic learning experiences - Image
Tata Consultancy Services transform standard user guides into dynamic learning experiences

When a major telecommunications company needed help keeping customers updated on 5G technology, it turned to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for expertise it could trust. Using Adobe RoboHelp, TCS turned standard documentation into dynamic learning experiences that keeps customers and end-users engaged.

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Authoring Policies and Procedures for the Modern Workforce

Today's growing business complexity makes it difficult to manage and deliver consistent, accurate and up-to-date policy content. Inefficient management of policy and regulatory content exposes organizations to compliance, reputational, financial, and workforce-related risks. In this whitepaper, we explore the challenges organizations face, tools and technologies involved, and how they can be better positioned for the future. Solutions include adopting evolving content practices around structured content management and leveraging content as a service.

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Authoring Policies and Procedures for the Modern Workforce - Image
Online Learning Course: Get started with XML Documentation - Image

Online Learning Course: Get started with XML Documentation

Create consistent and personalized content experiences with courses expertly curated for Adobe's CCMS. Quickly gain skills and knowledge on creating, organizing, authoring, and publishing content with XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager.

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  Product updates  
Update 2 of Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server is now available!

Update 2 of Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server (Summer 2020 release) now supports publishing content directly from XML Documentation solution. Publish PDF, HTML5, or ePub formats using a given baseline instead of syncing to the latest version. If you don't specify any baseline at the time of publishing the output is published using the latest version.

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  Partner of the month  
Tech Comm Tools
Tech Comm Tools

Formatting and Templates for Structured FrameMaker Content (EDD Development)

To work with structured content in FrameMaker you need a content model and related formatting options. In FrameMaker, that content model and formatting are stored in an Element Definition Document (EDD). If you want to set up a structured environment, or modify an existing one, you need to understand how to work with the EDD.

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ISTEN consult
ISTEN consult

Fundamentals course in Technical Communication for Spanish Speakers

Our partner ISTEN consult leads a new project in Technical Communication with training in Spanish available to all audiences. ISTEN training begins its journey with an offer for active professionals and for people who want to change their profession. As accredited partners of ITCQF, ISTEN training also helps in preparing for the exams of this certification.

Do you speak Spanish? Then this is for you:

Hasta la fecha, cuando buscas formación en Comunicación Técnica, la única opción ha sido encontrar ofertas en idiomas que no son el castellano. A partir de ahora tienes un equipo de profesionales que ofrecen sus conocimientos en la materia y en tu idioma. Podrás comunicarte con más facilidad con tus profesores y entender mejor el contexto de las claves para ser un profesional de éxito. También contarás con contenidos específicos de la cultura hispanohablante: claves del idioma para una redacción profesional y retos característicos de nuestros mercados, que juegan con dinámicas diferentes a la de mercados como el inglés o el alemán.

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  Industry Events and Webinars  
CIDM Webinar: The Layman’s Guide to Content Conversion
11 Nov 2021, 11 AM EST | Bernard Aschwanden, Publishing Smarter
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tcWorld Conference 2021:
Session 1: Going global mit Adobe RoboHelp und Adobe FrameMaker
9 Nov 2021, 9:30 AM CET | Stefan Gentz, Adobe and Markus Wiedenmaier, GmbH
Session 2: Bestands-Dokumentation in FrameMaker, analysieren, konsolidieren und an neue Anforderungen anpassen
9 Nov 2021, 11 AM CET | Stefan Gentz, Adobe and Ute Mitschke, Selbständig
Session 3: Take content delivery and analytics to the next level with Adobe’s cloud-native CCMS
9 Nov 2021, 1 PM CET by Tulika Garg, Adobe and Ayush Gupta, Adobe
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  In case you missed it  
How structured content is disrupting the “Future of Documents” in a born-digital world

We recently hosted a webinar on an Independent Forrester research report around the “Future of Documents.” The webinar saw an overwhelming response with a lot of questions. Check out this post-webinar Q&A blog where Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester, answers a few questions on structured content management and its impact on the future of documents.

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