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Adobe DITAWORLD 2022
  Thank you for being a part of the 7th edition of DITAWORLD! In case you missed it, here are some real-world customer success stories showcased at the event:  
BlackBerry married organizational vision with content design, powered by Adobe

Ciena leveraged DITA to deliver elevated customer experiences

Erie Insurance opened new possibilities when they took a streamlined approach to content and DITA

Hunter Douglas secured executive buy-in for investment in technical communication

Thomson Reuters implemented single-source publishing using Experience Manager Guides

Zebra Technologies underwent a Digital Transformation of their technical content with Adobe

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  XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager is now Adobe Experience Manager Guides  
  Watch Amit Ahuja, SVP Experience Cloud at Adobe, announce the rebranding.  
  Amit Ahuja Video  
From Word to DITA: Surfing the Structured Content Wave
From Word to DITA: Surfing the Structured Content Wave
June 2, 2022

Smoothly migrate your content from Word to FrameMaker, and gradually move to structured authoring in FrameMaker.

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3 Content Pillars Every Organization Needs to be Future-ready

Learn how a future-proof, unified content strategy can bring isolated content to life, and also meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and IoT channels.

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3 Content Pillars Every Organization Needs to be Future-ready
Amit Ahuja Video
Analyst Blog: How a CCMS enables personalized and scalable content experiences
Nick Barber, Sr. Analyst at Forrester, shares his thoughts on how a CCMS can help alleviate organizational content challenges, mitigate risks, and drive a unified and consistent experience across channels with efficiently structured content management.
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How structured content is disrupting the "Future of Documents," in a born-digital world
Forrester published an independent research report on "Future of Documents," which highlights the upcoming disruption in the content authoring phase. Read what Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester, has to say on how a CCMS can spearhead this disruption.
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