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  June 2023  
  Adobe DITAWORLD 2023  
Virtual lunch and learn
  Missed the biggest DITA Online Conference for Marketing and Technical Communication Professionals? You can now check out the real-world customer sessions and get insights into the power of intelligent content.  
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Ernst & Young used DITA to drive the evolution of global assurance knowledge.
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Mayo Clinic used structured authoring for creating medical content with immersive omnichannel delivery.
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KONE powered digitization by harnessing DITA for delivering technical information across multiple channels with task-based documentation.
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Hunter Douglas, structured disparate content into reusable chunks without reinventing the wheel. 
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Ciena’s content strategists unleashed the power of DITA authoring and single-sourcing.
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Ariel Corporation, overcame the challenges of multilingual mastery and transformed their content.
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Blackberry, not only developed unique rules and standards for using DITA, but also ensured they were followed.
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  Product Updates  
Product updates
  The latest release of Adobe FrameMaker 2023 is now available worldwide for customers. We have made upgrades in nested DITA maps, Unicode support for strings in equations, and fixes in PDF compliance, SharePoint connection, as well as addressed other security issues.  
  For more information, Check out the release notes here.  
The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Guides
  We are happy to announce that the cloud release of Adobe Experience Manager Guides is live for our customers worldwide. As part of this release some highly anticipated features are being rolled out. Here’s what you can expect:  
•  Broken Links report in the Web Editor
•  Rename and move a file from Guides editor, without having to go to Assets UI
•  Multiple native PDF enhancements including the much-anticipated support for language variables in native PDF publishing
•  Support for XLIFF format in translation
•  Schematron enhancements: Support for report statements & abstract patterns
  For more information, Check out the release notes here.  
  On-demand Webinars  
Barb Binder
FrameMaker Essentials: Document Review
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FrameMaker Essentials: More on using generated files in Adobe FrameMaker
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FrameMaker Essentials: Exploring Numbering Properties with Adobe FrameMaker
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  The Business Value of Adobe Experience
Manager Guides
  The Business Value Study by IDC* shed light on the ability of Adobe Experience Manager Guides to radically improve profits, with up to $3.8 million in annual benefits to be expected.  
Read executive study
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  *“The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Guides” by IDC, sponsored by Adobe.  
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